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Reiki Master & Teacher

Holistic Therapist


Importance of Lineage


All Reiki practitioners can trace their "spiritual lineage", following a trail of Reiki teachers back to the originator of Reiki, Mikao Usui.


This is the line of transmission of Reiki energy from Dr. Mikao Usui to his students to you.

This unbroken line of energy transfer leading back to Dr. Usui is an important and necessary part of the Usui system of Reiki, and it's important that the teacher you receive your attunement from is part of this lineage if Usui Reiki is what you want.


Here are my "Western" and "Japanese" lineages:


1. Mikao Usui                                                    1. Mikao Usui

2. Chujiro Hayashi                                         2. Suzuki San

3. Hawayo Takata                                         3. Chris Marsh

4. Phyllis LeiFurumoto                                 4. Taggart King

5. Florence O'Neal                                        5. Laetita Jones

6. Jerry Farely                                               6. Marilyn Harvey

7. June Woods                                              7. Maha Khabbaz

8. Simon Treselyan

9. Marcus Hayward

10.Diane Whittle

11. Taggart King

12. Laetitia Jones

13. Marilyn Harvey

14. Maha Khabbaz